I help individuals who have an area, or areas, of their home that they are at a loss for how to get in order. Whether it’s a bedroom closet, a kitchen pantry, a double car garage filled with boxes, bicycles and more boxes, or an entire room or apartment, I help organize spaces in a way that make sense and work for each client. I am a proud member of the Professional Organizers in Canada national association, and am continually educating myself through their meetings and classes. I also abide by their strict Code of Ethics, which includes professionalism, confidentiality and a commitment to excellence.

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Before venturing on my own, I worked in a hotel as a Catering Manager. I worked with meeting planners, learned about their vision for an event, then planned and oversaw the overall set up and execution. Prior to that, I worked in various hotel and restaurant positions, and for several years as a Legal Assistant and Corporate Paralegal. Each position was great, and each required strong organizational skills, but I never felt a burning or long lasting passion for any of them. I wanted to do something that both excited me every single day, and fulfilled my desire to make a lasting difference in others’ lives.

I then realized that I’ve always loved decluttering, reorganizing and rearranging. When I was a little girl I would try to do this to my friends’ rooms, when instead they just wanted to play. Well, to me this WAS play! I can spend all day in a space getting it in order, and the time will just fly by. So not only was this fun for me, but it was also something that I was pretty darn good at, AND it could help others, so I decided to give it a shot by offering my services to the public.

I’d known for awhile that I wanted to work for myself and so the feedback I’ve received so far has been very encouraging. Now my mission is to offer organizational assistance to as many individuals as I can! So if you live in the Okanagan and are interested in finding out if I might be able to help you, send me an e-mail, or give me a call for a free in-home consult!

To find out more about how I work, click here to read my FAQ!