My clients’ satisfaction is my greatest reward…

“Meg did an incredible job helping and working with me to organize my living room/craft space. I was at my wits end and didn’t know where to put STUFF. *EVERYTHING HAS A HOME* she says. She taught me that things that are alike or same category belong together or in same area. Thank you Meg 😀” – L.C., West Kelowna

“We moved into our new home almost 1 year ago but never properly organized our shed. We moved everything in thinking we would deal with it later. Well it’s been almost a year and we still haven’t gotten around to it so I enlisted Meg to give me a hand. The shed was full of our family camping gear, various toys, hockey sticks, baseball bats, Halloween and Christmas decorations, winter clothes & boots, rakes, shovels, tools, etc. In only a couple of hours we were able to transform the shed and the area around it. Meg helped make the process more enjoyable and now we can find what we need in a much faster and safer manner! Thanks Megs!” – V., West Kelowna

“I didn’t think much could be done to improve my craft/storage room, without spending lots of money on purchasing new storage units, containers and shelving. But Meg had great ideas for using what I already had, and within the time frame we had to work with. Now it looks better than I could ever have imagined! I spent every day of the next 3 weeks working on several crafts and projects that I had been putting off for months, because now I absolutely love the look and feel of the room and am inspired to work in there! Others should contact her without hesitation.” – S.

“Meg helped me reorganize our entryway and front hall closet. Although I probably could have done it myself, it would have taken me at least a couple of days because I am a busy mom with a lot going on. Having her there made the process enjoyable and we got it all done within only a few hours! She was fast and efficient, she had ideas that I’d never thought of before, and she was fun to work with. My husband was apprehensive about hiring an organizer, but when he came home he loved what she had done too! I don’t really like organizing clothes, but seeing the end result has made me excited to give it a go with my other closets. Having organized everything in a neat order is motivating me to maintain that sight and avoid clutter. Thanks again Meg.” – D.M.

“I should let you know upfront that I have known Meghan since she was 2 years old, but that my testimonial is based solely on my interaction with her in organizing my office. I am an organized person. But as a mother, wife, caregiver, volunteer, student of continual learning and part time self employed business owner, I have let things pile up in my office, to the point of overwhelm. I have attended presentations at business network meetings and seniors’ centers around organizing and downsizing, have had people come to my home and give estimates, but was never impressed with what they were offering. I found Meg to be passionate about what she does and that showed up in her providing extremely thorough information to me about the process. The biggest thing for me was the questions she asked about my things, which helped me to decide whether to keep, get rid of, or sell my belongings. She set up boxes so we could sort as we went along. She organized my bookcases, incorporating my pictures and personal things I wanted to keep, making it look more appealing than just a bookcase. Meg had certainly done her research as the advice she gave me for organizing my incoming mail and filing cabinets has turned out to be very efficient and effective. Advice was also given along with ideas on how to sell my belongings, a list of suggested things to do for after she left, and a chart with “Simple Organizing Principles” to put in front of me as a reminder. Five days later she emailed me to follow up to see how my newly organized office was working out and provided specific websites where I could purchase bookcase organizers. Meg made me feel included in the process and her professionalism, knowledge, expertise, passion and caring nature helped me through this personal and difficult process. I am happy to report that I no longer avoid my office and can find things quickly and get work done more efficiently. I have already recommended Meg to a few of my friends, and would highly recommend her.”
Alison M. Douglas, Mind Awareness Coach and Supporter, Melaleuca Director 604-250-8533​ www.melaleuca.com/alisondouglas

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